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The Best Torque Turn Company in West Texas

Without appropriate torque turn, rig operations in the oilfield could suffer total failure at any moment.

That's why Maverick’s torque control monitoring and calibration, whether conventional or wireless, is crucial to the continued maintenance of your rig.

Traditional torque monitoring systems use a simple gauge that measures torque while running casing. Unfortunately, these dated torque measurement systems do not save a record of the torque readings that can be viewed later. So if any issues arise, you can’t trace them back to their source.

At Maverick, we use the CT-3000 from Connection Technologies to record a detailed graph throughout the torque verification process. That way if any problems occur, you can easily track down the root of the problem and implement the right systems to prevent connection failure in the future.

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A Torque Company In Midland-Odessa You Can Trust

Conventional Torque Monitoring

  • Comtech CT-3000 technology
  • Computerized monitoring industry leader for over 30 years
  • Utilized in the makeup of casing & tubing
  • Compatible with any manual tongs in the field
  • Windows-based platform
  • Electronic dump value guaranteeing precision of optimum torque

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Wireless Torque Monitoring

  • 3PS TTS-08 Dual Channel Subs
  • Units in service since 2008
  • Monitors hookload of entire casing string
  • Enhanced torque and tension subs with integrated turns monitoring
  • More TTS subs in industry than any other supplier in the industry
  • 4 1/2 IF box up/pin down with crossovers to fit any topdrive

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Drilling Monitoring

  • Know exactly when to schedule preventive maintenance
  • Receive notifications on alarms and shutdowns
  • Utilize events and diagnostics to solve problems fast

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Always First. Always Maverick.

Quality Tools.
Quality Results.

We don’t use 20-year-old tools that break down constantly. We use reliable, American-made equipment, built with new steel.

Skilled Crews.
Smart Solutions.

Our team includes an experienced safety inspector, field supervisors, and numerous equipment- specific specialists.

Extreme Accountability.
Unmatched Service.

From 3rd-party auditors to experienced field supervisors to in-house inspectors, rest assured Maverick will do the job right.