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Volant ActiveSET™
Maverick’s new ActiveSET™ CRT tool keeps your crew safe while completing the job faster than ever before.
Wireless Flush Mounts
Maverick’s FMSs are wireless, allowing operation anywhere on rig floor or even in driller’s cabin.

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About Maverick Oilfield Services

Maverick offers a variety of services across the oil and gas industry, focused on casing. Incorporating in 2008, Maverick began offering conventional torque control as our primary service.

In 2012, Maverick added wireless torque control, iron roughneck & top drive calibration subs to its arsenal along with numerous other services. Currently we’re pioneering (as Mavericks do) a new and innovative approach to running casing — not just monitoring it. We’ve used our more than a decade of experience running with nearly every casing company across the nation to learn and develop only the best tools on the market.

At Maverick, we believe there is a better way to run casing that is focused on safety and efficiency. Our technique is much more cost effective than what is currently being offered. Every other service in our industry has developed new and smarter ways of operating, but casing running has basically been done the same way with minimal changes.

Help us to bring this venture into the forefront and change the way casing is run in the future!

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