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Casing, Torque Turn & Calibration Services in West Texas

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We Can Be Your Casing Wingman Anytime.

About Maverick

"I feel the need. The need for speed." - Maverick

At Maverick, we believe everything that can be improved, should be.

We continuously seek out the most innovative ways to run casing, increase efficiency, and do the job safely.

If there’s a better way to run casing, we’ll be the first to bring it to market.

When you use Maverick for oilfield services, you can be confident the job will be done right. Without cutting corners. Without losing productive time. And without putting the crew’s safety at risk.

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The Right Team. The Right Tools. The Right Torque.

"The elite, the best of the best." - Viper

Maverick Oil Field Services is a oilfield company in West Texas providing casing, torque turn, and calibration services.

We’re always looking for the latest and the greatest on the market. We’re making case running and torque turn faster, safer, and more cost effective than ever before.

  • All American tools
  • Nothing overseas
  • New iron and steel
  • Fresh from the mill
Our Equipment

Always First. Always Maverick.

Quality Tools. Quality Results.

When you hire a casing crew, you’re not just employing hands. You’re employing their equipment.

At Maverick, we believe when you have a capable team and state-of-the-art equipment, pipe will always go in the ground.

That’s why we have all new, American-made casing equipment to ensure every job is done accurately, safely, and efficiently.

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Maximum Upkeep. Minimal Breakdowns.

Minimizing non-productive time requires equipment that doesn’t break down.

At Maverick, we completely revitalize every single piece of equipment between every single casing job.

We tear down, maintenance, repair, regrease, and even repaint every set of tongs, hydraulic power units, bail extensions, elevators, and slips before they leave our shop to go to the next job.

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Experienced Crews. Smart Solutions.

Practice makes perfect. Experience makes expertise.

At Maverick, we don’t just hire hands. We employ specialists to manage each aspect of our service. That way we ensure every casing service we offer is executed with precision and minimal mistakes.

Maverick’s more than 60 team members include a 30-year safety inspector, a 30-year tong mechanic, a 20-year safety inspector, and dedicated professionals over our CRTs, top drives, bucking units, torque turn machines, and more.

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Extreme Accountability. Unmatched Service.

Accountability is the most reliable form of quality control.

We make every effort to verify that we’re delivering the highest level of service possible.

  • Our QT9 QMS helps us maximize productivity and minimize mistakes.
  • A 3rd-party auditor verifies our certificates of inspection and safety records.
  • Experienced field supervisors appear at nearly every rig site to ensure quality.
  • Our certified safety inspector verifies every crew member and tool on-site.

We go above and beyond with accountability to ensure your job is done right the first time.

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Safe Crews. Trustworthy Teams.

We strive to make every member of our team feel safe and cared about.

We understand that each Maverick employee has a family who is trusting us with their loved one’s safety and well being.

We’ve hired an in-house safety assessor who visits 10 casing jobs every month for a safety inspection without any warning. This ensures our hands come home safe and sound, their families have peace of mind, and your rig has minimal risks or liability concerns.

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"Talk to me, Goose." - Maverick

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient casing services and torque turn, Maverick is the team you can count on. Contact us today for a quote.

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