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Make Up & Break Out Services

Maverick Oil Field Services offers professional bucking service with a bucking machine that will make up pipe fast and safely.

Our experienced crew can handle bucking for pipe up to 20”, make and break BHAs, Drill Bits, and more with our mobile units.

If you’re looking for a crew with experienced mechanics, top of the line equipment, and personalized customer service, contact Maverick today.

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Bottom Hole Assembly

If the bottom hole assembly (BHA) isn’t installed correctly, the entire drilling operation may fail. Maverick Oil Field Services has a team of experienced BHA & Sub Assembly experts who will ensure every aspect of your bottom hole assembly components are installed correctly, to keep drilling on track.

Float Shoes

Float shoes, or float collars, have a check valve that keeps fluids from entering the casing from the bottom. It holds the cement column in place. It’s important because the cement is usually denser than the mud from the CRT, so it isn’t always steady.

Floats collars

Float collars prevent cement from flowing back into the casing. The collar is run one or two joints above the float shoe. Float collars have a check valve that communicates the same information as the valve for the float shoes, so you’ll have a backup in case any issues occur.

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Maverick Gets It Right The First Time

We use the safest, most reliable, and most efficient equipment along with a highly experienced crew to install your bottom hole components to your exact specifications.

Our make up & break out machine does it all:

  • Up to 45,000lb makeup and breakout with torque turn services
  • Handles all tubulars ranging from 4-1/2” to 20” O.D.
  • Highly accurate analyzing software used with real-time data
  • Handles all API and premium thread tubing, casing, and drill pipe
  • Make and break BHAs saves on rig time
  • All units are portable — we’re the only portable bucking unit that can handle up to 20”

If you’re looking for casing experts who offer comprehensive services, including BHA, casing services, torque turn, and everything in between, contact Maverick today.

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Always First. Always Maverick.

Quality Tools.
Quality Results.

We don’t use 20-year-old tools that break down constantly. We use reliable, American-made equipment, built with new steel.

Skilled Crews.
Smart Solutions.

Our team includes an experienced safety inspector, field supervisors, and numerous equipment- specific specialists.

Extreme Accountability.
Unmatched Service.

From 3rd-party auditors to experienced field supervisors to in-house inspectors, rest assured Maverick will do the job right.