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When you use good equipment, pipe will always go in the hole.

At Maverick, we’re always looking for the latest and the greatest on the market. We do this to make casing running and torque turn faster, safer, and more cost effective than ever before.

  • All American tools
  • Nothing overseas
  • New iron and steel
  • Fresh from the mill

From GOM, World Petroleum, Starr, and other trusted brands, we only use the very best.

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Casing Running Tool (CRTs)

Maverick is the only company in the world that owns the newest ActiveSet CRTs with V-cams which is one of the easiest-to-use casing running tools on the market. It rigs up in under 5 minutes and can be operated by a less experienced driller without complications.

Maverick’s new ActiveSET™ CRT tool keeps your crew safe while completing the job faster than ever before.

  • Auto-engages in under 1,000 ft•lb
  • No rotational torque needed to fire CRT dies
  • Tool applies minimal stress on casing threads
  • Reduced run-time, saving customer on overall well cost

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Starr power tongs

  • Made in the USA
  • Next-day manufacturer repairs
  • 6¼” tongs are lighter, decreasing likelihood of injury and making set up faster
  • The smaller power tongs spin faster, getting pipe in the ground quicker
  • We were one of the first to have it in the industry

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Air slips

  • Preventing pulling hand slips manually
  • Prevents dropping string
  • Air slips won’t open with weight on them

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  • Caterpillar motors that meet all emission standards
  • Hydraulic hose reels to make rolling hoses faster and less cumbersome

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Maverick Guide Nubbins®

Nubbins protect your casing threads during the running process. Maverick’s patented guide nubbins ensure the driller can sting into each casing joint the first time. Every time.

  • Saves CRT packer cup from damage during run, preventing costly downtime
  • Protects casing coupling, distributing weight across entire face of the nubbins
  • Designed to cover every size casing 18 ⅝” - 4 ½” including API buttress, 8-round, & premium connections
  • Applies CRTs automatic mechanism evenly, which fits seamlessly
  • Fabricated from a single piece of steel, eliminating welds, ensuring safety

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B-250 Spiders/Elevators

These manually operated spiders from Forum Energy Technology are designed to lift and support piping with a load rating up to 250 tons.

  • Up to 250 tons
  • Units can be used as elevator or spider
  • In case of power loss, manual lifting of slips is possible

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We don’t use 20-year-old tools that break down constantly. We use reliable, American-made equipment, built with new steel.

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