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Casing Crews In Midland, TX & Odessa, TX You Can Count On

As an experienced casing company in West Texas, Maverick Oil Field Services strives to provide the safest, most efficient, and highest quality casing services possible.

Whether you just need a reliable casing crew to connect drill strings, or you need full-service casing and tubing running services, including CRT services, torque monitoring, calibration, and more, Maverick is the team you can trust to do the job right.

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We Do It All. We Do It Right.

Full Service Casing Crews in Odessa, TX & Midland, TX

With six dedicated teams of highly trained and experienced casing experts in West Texas, you can be sure every connection will be made with minimal non-productive time and maximum efficiency.

Our oilfield casing crews are experienced in rigging up, operating, and monitoring:

  • Rig Tongs
  • Hydraulic power units (GOM units and fluid pro units)
  • Bail extensions
  • Elevators
  • Slips (spiders)
  • And more

Additionally, we send supervisors out on almost every job, so you can rest assured an experienced crew member is overseeing each project on-site, making sure the equipment is protected, the job is done right, and safety protocols are followed.

We’re a high-performance casing company in the Odessa, TX & Midland, TX area that cares about our crew’s safety and your rig’s profitability.

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The Right Tools. The Right Team For The Job.

What makes Maverick a quality casing company?

A great casing crew with lousy equipment is a lousy casing crew. At Maverick, we invest both in our team and in the tools they use. Many Texas casing service companies use old, worn down equipment to run casing. They experience constant breakdowns and require ongoing repairs.

At Maverick, we use the latest and greatest — American-made equipment, built with new steel, fresh off the mill.

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Power Tong Services

We use Starr Power Tongs because they’re made in the US and are built with new steel. If an issue ever arises (and they rarely do), Starr keeps replacement parts in stock that can be delivered the next day, minimizing downtime. Our powertongs are brand new, which means they almost never experience a breakdown.

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Torque Monitoring

Our torque monitoring services provide the most reliable data graphed minute by minute, so that if a problem occurs, you can track down the source down to the specific joint. We torque turn as part of our comprehensive casing services, or we as a 3rd party service.

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Safety Is Our Highest Priority

As a casing company in Midland, TX, we know first hand that casing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the oil and gas industry. That’s why we don’t just offer the most efficient casing running services available. We also ensure the safest practices to protect our crew, put their families at ease, and minimize liabilities to your rig.

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From Our Expert Casing Company in Texas

If you’re looking for a casing and tubing running services company that doesn’t cut corners, Maverick is the team you want on your side.

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Always First. Always Maverick.

Quality Tools.
Quality Results.

We don’t use 20-year-old tools that break down constantly. We use reliable, American-made equipment, built with new steel.

Skilled Crews.
Smart Solutions.

Our team includes an experienced safety inspector, field supervisors, and numerous equipment- specific specialists.

Extreme Accountability.
Unmatched Service.

From 3rd-party auditors to experienced field supervisors to in-house inspectors, rest assured Maverick will do the job right.