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Prevent Drill String Failure

With Maverick’s Oilfield Equipment Calibration Services

If your Iron Roughneck and Top Drive are not calibrated with absolute precision, drilling could come to a halt.

Inaccurate torque leads to:

  • Twist-offs
  • Damaged pipes
  • And costly non-productive time

A single twist-off event costs an average of $400,000 in repairs and NPT. And because 1 in 20 wells experience twist-offs, yours could be next.

Maverick Oilfield Services offers precise Iron Roughneck and Top Drive testing and calibration to protect your well, your workers, and your wallet.

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Better Data. Stronger Connections.

Iron Roughneck Calibration

MavCal software charts Iron Roughneck calibration in real-time.

Proper calibration can prevent twist-offs, back-offs, dropped strings, and other casing failures.

The problem is most calibration services leave you with nothing but an illegible handwritten report, which gives drillers little confidence that their Iron Roughneck was calibrated correctly.

Maverick’s proprietary software, MavCal, is the only program on the market that charts Iron Roughneck calibration in real time, providing a detailed report to help prevent casing failures.

Iron Roughnecks We Calibrate


Dialing In Stronger Connections

Top Drive Calibration

Top Drive calibration can prevent NPT & save you millions of dollars.

Most companies don’t think about calibrating their Top Drive until they drop a string.

However, casing failures from an uncalibrated Top Drive could cost you hundreds of hours of NPT and millions of dollars wasted.

Maverick offers Preventative Top Drive Calibration to protect your equipment from the threat of uncalibrated equipment.

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Top Drives We Calibrate


Why Calibrate Your Oilfield Equipment With Maverick?

Precise Calibration

Maverick’s oilfield calibration services ensure precise calibration without additional calculations or guesswork.

24/7 Access

Your free online Maverick account lets you view and download your reports from anywhere with the click of a button.

Actionable Reports

Maverick’s proprietary software, MavCal, charts and graphs Iron Roughneck calibration in real time.

Total Versatility

Maverick’s team can handle any job, work with any connection, and calibrate any Top Drive from 5K to 55K.

Protect Your Equipment With Preventative Calibration Service

Don’t wait for a twist-off event before you calibrate your equipment. Schedule ongoing calibration to protect your rig.

The Maverick Guarantee

If your rig has a back off or twist off event after we calibrate your equipment, Maverick will refund our calibration fee 100%.

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Always First. Always Maverick.

Quality Tools.
Quality Results.

We don’t use 20-year-old tools that break down constantly. We use reliable, American-made equipment, built with new steel.

Skilled Crews.
Smart Solutions.

Our team includes an experienced safety inspector, field supervisors, and numerous equipment- specific specialists.

Extreme Accountability.
Unmatched Service.

From 3rd-party auditors to experienced field supervisors to in-house inspectors, rest assured Maverick will do the job right.