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Maverick Oilfield Services

When perfection is non-negotiable. Rely on us for unmatched expertise in Casing, Torque Testing, Iron Roughneck Calibration, and ST-80 Calibration – we are the definitive leaders in the field.

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Second Place Is Not An Option

Maverick stands firmly on the conviction that there's always room for excellence – it's not just a goal, it's a necessity.

We tirelessly pioneer new and better ways to enhance casing operations, drive efficiency, and guarantee safety.

Our dedication puts us at the cutting edge of introducing superior casing techniques in the industry.

Choosing Maverick means choosing unparalleled quality, peak productivity, and unwavering safety standards – no exceptions, no compromises.

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Our Calibration and Torque Turn for Oklahoma

Iron Roughneck Calibration in Oklahoma

Our team of ace technicians embodies unmatched expertise and experience in iron roughneck calibration. We deliver consistent, precision-tuned performance, slashing downtime and equipment failures. Expect safety and productivity, all with the unmistakable flair of “Maverick” excellence.

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Torque Testing

At Maverick, accuracy is the cornerstone of our torque testing and calibration services, so you get optimal performance and safety in every oilfield operation. Accuracy is the cornerstone of our torque testing and calibration services, so you get optimal performance and safety in every oilfield operation.

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ST-80 Calibration

For top-tier ST-80 calibration, our expert team has you covered. Precision is key in drilling, and we use advanced techniques for perfect calibration, boosting your operations' safety and efficiency. With us, you get the confidence and assurance of world-class expertise delivered at full throttle.

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Our Commitment to Safety

At Maverick Oilfield Services, safety is more than a catchphrase – it's a core part of our ethos. Through comprehensive training and continuous on-site safety assessments, we guarantee the protection of both our team and your operations at all times.

Safety Protocols

We run a tight ship with ironclad safety protocols, guaranteeing zero accidents and peak performance. Our operations are a no-compromise zone where the thrill of Maverick precision meets the unwavering commitment to safety.

Certifications & Compliance

Starting from square one, we ensure every Maverick team member is not just compliant, but certified. Our commitment to upholding every industry safety standard isn't just about meeting benchmarks – it's about setting them. Safety isn't just a priority; it's a mission executed with precision and excellence.

Continuous Training

In our world, a one-time certificate just doesn't cut it. Our team seeks relentless, ongoing training, staying razor-sharp with the latest industry standards and top-tier practices. We're committed to excellence, always flying high with the skill and precision of our industry aces.

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At MAVERICK Oilfield Services, it's more than just service - we forge enduring alliances with our clients. Offering round-the-clock support, we ensure your Oklahoma operations never miss a beat. We're in it for the long haul, always ready, always reliable – true Mavericks at your side.

We Don’t Just Do It, We Ace It

Speed, safety, and cost-efficiency – that's our mantra at Maverick Oilfield Services. We're the game-changers in case running and torque-turning.

Looking for the best? You've just hit the jackpot. Our aim? To be the undisputed leader in casing and torque turn services in Oklahoma.

Pure American Ingenuity – no shortcuts, no compromises. We use only the finest, freshly milled American iron and steel.

At Maverick, we offer more than just services; we deliver solutions in casing, torque turn, and calibration for the oilfield industry.

See the Maverick Difference. Contact us to discover how we can turbocharge your operations. Let's soar towards a prosperous future together.

MAVERICK OILFIELD SERVICES – Your wingman in achieving unmatched precision, efficiency, and success.

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