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Maverick Oilfield Services

Your Ultimate Partner in Torque Testing, Iron Roughneck Calibration, and ST-80 Calibration

Embrace the Maverick Way

At Maverick, our essence is shaped by an unstoppable drive and a steadfast conviction that there's always a better way forward.

We're kind of the rebels in our industry. We're always on the lookout for fresh, cool ways to do things – whether it's dealing with casings or just making things more efficient. And oh, we're super serious about safety too!

So, if there's a new way to handle casings that's safer and more efficient, you bet we'll be the first ones diving in and shaking things up for everyone else!

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Our Calibration and Torque Turn Services

Torque Testing

At MAVERICK, we really get how essential precise torque control is for your drilling equipment. We provide top-tier torque testing with the latest tech to ensure your equipment performs safely and efficiently.

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Iron Roughneck Calibration in Kilgore

Our team of highly skilled technicians brings unmatched expertise in iron roughneck calibration, ensuring your equipment performs consistently and accurately. This helps to reduce costly downtime and equipment failures while enhancing safety and productivity.

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ST-80 Calibration

If you're looking for spot-on ST-80 calibration, our experienced team has got your back! Keeping things calibrated is key to running your drilling operations smoothly and efficiently. We use some of the coolest, latest methods to make sure everything's just right, boosting your safety and efficiency game. How's that for peace of mind?

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Our Commitment to Safety

At Maverick Oilfield Services, safety isn't just a buzzword; it's ingrained in our DNA. From rigorous training programs to constant on-site safety evaluations, we ensure that our team and your operations are always protected.

Continuous Training

Our team undergoes regular safety and technical training, keeping them updated with the latest industry standards and best practices.

Safety Protocols

We employ a stringent set of safety protocols for all our services, ensuring zero accidents and optimal operations.

Certifications & Compliance

We pride ourselves on adhering to all industry safety certifications and compliance standards, setting the benchmark for safety in the industry.

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At MAVERICK Oilfield Services, we don't just provide services - we build strong, lasting partnerships with our clients, offering 24/7 support to ensure your operations in Kilgore never stop.

The Perfect Crew. Prime Tools. Precise Torque.

We’re always looking for the latest and the greatest on the market. We’re making case running and torque turn faster, safer, and more cost-effective than ever before. We strive to be the number-one casing and torque turn company in Kilgore, TX.

  • All American tools
  • Nothing overseas
  • New iron and steel
  • Fresh from the mill

Maverick Oil Field Services offers casing, torque turn, and calibration solutions in the oilfield sector.

Experience the MAVERICK difference today Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help optimize your operations. Let's drill towards a successful future together.

MAVERICK OILFIELD SERVICES - Your trusted partner in precision, efficiency, and success.

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