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Experienced Oilfield Services For Carlsbad, NM

Maverick Oil Field Services is an oilfield company specializing in top drive calibration, iron roughneck calibration, and torque turn solutions in Carlsbad, NM.

We use only the best American-made oilfield equipment. This ensures every job is done safely and efficiently. For years, customers have loved our reliable, top-notch work.

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Oilfield Torque Turn & Calibration

Torque Turn & Monitoring

Avoid rig failure with torque testing and monitoring. Maverik offers both wireless and conventional torque control monitoring services. You get comprehensive graphs that let you easily find any underlying issues. They help you get to the root of any problem.

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Top Drive Calibration

Don’t risk costly NPT and equipment damage. Invest in Top Drive Calibration. At Maverick, we specialize in the best Top Drive Calibration services in Carlsbad, NM. Our expertise prevents casing failures and protects your equipment. Call today to experience the peace of mind our top drive calibration services provide.

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Iron Roughneck Calibration

Prevent back-offs, twist-offs, and other casing failures with our Iron Roughneck Calibration services. Our skilled oilfield crew in Carlsbad uses MavCal software to chart Iron Roughneck calibration in real time. This ensures efficiency and the best performance.

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Maverick is a premier oilfield company serving Carlsbad, NM. We take pride in our continual excellence in torque turn monitoring, iron roughneck calibration, top drive calibration, and more. We pride ourselves on completing every job with efficiency, integrity, and safety.

If you want a dependable oilfield service provider in Carlsbad, NM, contact Maverick today. And experience our dedication to your success.

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